DruidJS — A JavaScript Library for Dimensionality Reduction.

DruidJS is a JavaScript library for dimensionality reduction. With dimesionality reduction you can project high-dimensional data to a lower dimensionality while keeping method-specific properties of the data. DruidJS makes it easy to project a dataset with the implemented dimensionality reduction methods.


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If you use npm, install with npm install @saehrimnir/druidjs, and use it with

import * as druid from "@saehrimnir/druidjs";

Otherwise download the files here, or use for instance unpkg this way:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@saehrimnir/druidjs"></script>


DruidJS uses internally the Matrix class for storing data. You can use it by creating a druid.Matrix object for instance with the function from, in example:

    import * as druid from '@saehrimnir/druidjs';

    let data = [[...], [...], ...];
    let matrix = druid.Matrix.from(data);

You can create a druid.Matrix object programmatically by:

    let fn = (row, col) => row == col ? 1 : 0;
    let matrix = new druid.Matrix(rows, columns, fn);

If rows == columns, then matrix would be a identity matrix. A shortcut for a identity matrix is:

    let matrix = new druid.Matrix(rows, columns, "I");
    // or
    let matrix = new druid.Matrix(rows, columnbs, "identity");

There are more shortcuts for creating matrices:

    let matrix = new druid.Matrix(3, 3, "zeros"); // matrix would be a 3x3 matrix with zeroes
    let matrix = new druid.Matrix(3, 3, "center"); // matrix would be a 3x3 center matrix;
    let number = 12;
    let matrix = new druid.Matrix(3, 3, number); // matrix would b a 3x3 matrix filled with 'number'

If you want to use a druid.Matrix object, for instance, with d3, you can use either the to2dArray property, the iterate_rows generator function, or just use the druid.Matrix object as an iterable (works with d3 since version 6).

    let data = await d3.csv("data.csv");
    let matrix = druid.Matrix.from(data);

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